Sunday, June 26, 2011


My little man got his tonsils and adenoids taken out plus they removed an ear tube that was stuck. He isnt feeling well and it breaks my heart! Daddy is taking off mon/tues to be with him and I am hoping to be able to take the rest of the week off w/ him. I just hate seeing him feel so yucking. he isnt eating and trying to keep fluids in him seems to be an impossible task! he is also running a fever, which isnt making me happy, especially if you know his history of febrile seziures! UHHHH, if you can send some prayers his way i would soooo appreciate them!

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I have lost 60 pounds since the last time i posted! sorry for sucking at my blog, but life has kept me super busy! But i had to share the news. It took alot of hard work and dedication,, and support from my family! i feel like a new person, i run and work out and am loving the energy and of course the new body that comes w/ it!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A NEW ME.... FOR 2011

So its been way to long, and I wish I had tons of pictures to post. All has been well. I have been working really hard on myself and getting back to the good ol' Robin. I have lost 30 pounds and working on my last 20 as we speak! I am so proud of myself. As a mom, making time for ME is almost impossible! But I know, If I don't take care of ME first, then I am NO good for my children or my husband. I enjoy working out and seeing results! I have more energy, I like myself more, and well I am just so proud of ME for sticking with it and continuing to stick with it! Yeah me! I will need to post some before and after pictures. Above are some shots we took on our "Santa" train ride before Christmas. Maybe you can tell in my face.... I sure can!

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Friday, August 13, 2010


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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Willie's Famous!!

Willie was on the front page of the metro section in the Washington Post yesterday. We went to our traditional Easter Sunrise Service in Arlington National Cemetery. Get a look of how sweet my baby boy looks. Sorry I couldn't make this bigger! He is the sweet man marching at the bottom of the paper! My mom is in the background holding her redskin seat cushion. Go skins!

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I left a piece of me in TEXAS!

I went to Austin Texas for work. Not to bad of a deal too. Work paid to fly me to Texas, I worked three days, and my dear friend picked me up hung out with her for 4 fun filled days. I finally got to see Ryan and Sarah. The last time we had seen each other was for Willies baptism, which they became Willie Godparents!

I swear, it was like no time had past. We picked up right where we left off. We are more than friends, we truly are family. Our relationship is so easy, so awesome. Will and I are better people for knowing the Thornton's!

Sarah had a mission, " To make me fall in love with Texas, so I'd move there!" We shopped till I about dropped. Which is so fun to do with out your kids mind you! I saw two real movies. By real I mean NOT a kid movie! I ate and ate and ate! The rule was to have Mexican at least once a day! We did not break that rule. I loved everywhere we ate! The first night we ate at Babes. I had the best smoked chicken of my life there! You Texans sure know how to cook. Of course the best part was being able to see Hadley, Sarah's super cute niece. It was also great to see Brad and Kendel. I tried to steel her my last night in town, but mom and dad wouldn't have it. I tell you , you cant help but fall in love her Hadley. She has such a sweet personality and is so super adorable!

OK,,, back to food...The last night I was there we ate at JR's ( i think that was the name) I asked for a menu and they were like " we don't have one". You should have seen my face! You could either have chicken/cheese enchiladas or fajitas. I got the enchiladas, which rocked! And of course I HAD to eat some of Sarah's fajitas. DAMN they were YUMMMMMY. So needless to say, Sarah, you were always RIGHT. Texas has the best Mexican food! You dont know what your missin.... but now that I know... I am dying for more!

We meet up with Sarah's best friend, Brittney and her ADORABLE some Quinn. I've heard so much about them I feel like Brittney is my friend. We did meet before when she visited Sarah in NC. She got to meet Jackie Rose when she was just a wee little one! It was great to meet Quinn. He was cuter than I could imagine. Very sweet loving little man! Of course Brittney was super cute too. You Texans... you got all out w/ being so stinkin' trendy w/ your cloths , your houses,, and your so stinking crafty... I know I'm a hater.. really just jealous! We had great Mexican and just an awesome time catching up. Brittney is pregnant with her second child, aka NASH, and she is lookin' super cute!

I had a blast. I got to see where Sarah works, lives, shops. I have to mention I FINALLY went to a HOBBY LOBBY. for years and years I have heard of this store from Sarah . I've read it about it on her blog and Brittney's blog. It was a MUST see for me. It lived up to my expectations. You can decorate your entire house with items from that store. I am a proud owner of a clock from there. I felt I needed to buy something from there to say I too have been there and done that!

I think my favorite day was Friday, when we went to the Stockyards. The shopping was fun. Sarahs mom drove 3 hours just to hang out with us. (that meant sooooo much to me!) I ate the best burger I have ever eaten at Love Shack. I saw long horns walking the streets,,, and later that night I went to my first ever Rodeo. OMG... who who have thought I would LOVE LOVE LOVE Rodeos. Again another thing I didnt know I was missing out on! Watching bull riding is freakin' awesome! There was so much more too,, but I have to mention DANG I love me some COWBOYS!!!! I had some nice eye candy! There were some cowgirls too, not to shabby. Cant believe I am saying Rodeo, cowboys, and bull riding. LOL.

After the Rodeo Ryan , Sarah and I went to Billy Bob' Honky Tonk. Yes that right, I'll own it.. I said HONKY TONK people! They had a bedazzled saddle for their disco ball. Ryan and Sarah did some country dancin'. Ryan, You are super HOT when you dance man. I can say that, your wife knows! They were too cute. That was until Ryan made me get out there and make a fool of myself. But I had a blast. I really wanted to ride their mechanical bull, but wouldn't you know, they didnt have it up that night. BOO HOO.

During the entire stay poor Ryan was working his butt off learning/studing his paramedics/emt stuff. He is a rock start! I am so proud of him. He is so devoted and really is such an amazing person. It was awesome to see him when I could. And thank you for spending some time every evening with me. That meant the world to me!

Sarah,, my sweet Sarah. I had a blast. Lord knows I needed a getaway, and you delivered. I was so relaxed when I came home. I had so much fun, I have missed you so much. You did your best to show off Texas and to make me love it. Mission Accomplished. I cant wait to bring the entire family to visit. You know, when it comes down to it, I left a little bit of my heart in Texas. Being in the military and all the traveling you do, you make HOME wherever you move next. North Carolina was HOME because of you and Ryan. I realized how much I miss living next door to you guys! You and Ryan are our family. We share a bond that no one can even begin to understand. I love you guys. Thank you for opening up your home and your hearts to me! I was so sad to say goodbye to you at the airport. I had to walk away fast because I was holding back my tears..... until we see each other again my dear friends.

ps .. i have tons of pictures.. just need to post them when i get home!!! coming soon I promise.

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Friday, March 05, 2010 I come!!!

So I am off to Texas. I have to work a few days and then I get to play!! I finally get to see my friends/family Sarah and Ryan! I am so excited! Maybe I will run into some of you bloggers too!!! Hope Texas is as great as they say!

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sleep Over Time!

My niece and nephew came and stayed the night Saturday night, so their parents could have a romantic getaway! It was so much fun. My kids just love Emma and Jack. We made cookies, colored, played games, took baths, and some...I wont mentioned the two names (girls though) stayed up and wanted to party all night. Here on some pics of the sleep over.

Dont ask me what Jackie is doing in this picture...

Shaping the cookies....

Emma saying cheese.

Emma with her letter E cookie she made.

Willie Loves his puzzles.

Jack saying Cheese.

Willie had to have a turn to say Cheese too.

Uncle Will getting everyone ready to go sleding.

Snow Bunnies.

Uncle Will kept the girls out a little too long!

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Willie's 3rd Birthday!!!

I cant believe my baby turned 3. Time has just flown on by way to fast. Before I know it he will be in Kindergarten. UHHHH. This year we went all out for Willie. It was the first year he wasn't sick on his birthday. We invited all his little friends from school and home. He had a blast. We rented out this Jump Works place. We had tons of fun jumping , eating pizza, and of course eating cupcakes. He had the time of his life! And it was just the biggest blessing to see his happy HEATH LY face.

Jackie all dressed up.

Here comes Willie.

Isnt he handsome.

Me and my baby girl.

Charlie, Willie, and I.

I love the look here, everyone was singing and he made the funniest face.

Willie loves his daddy.

Re lighting the candle.

Me and Jack.

The king.


All of Willies Buddies.

Jackie and Junior.

Crazy faces.

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